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Stork and Cradle


A unique gift for a newborn baby. Stork and Cradle can be personalised with the baby's name (on the cradle), birth weight (on the cradle), birthdate (on the base of the stork) and with a love from message (underneath the base - only visible when dusting). 

name on the front

weight on the back

date on the base

and a message underneath if you wish

For payments by card online:

Within the UK: £16.95 CLICK HERE
Within the EU: £17.95 CLICK HERE
Rest of World: £19.00 CLICK HERE

For payments by phone/fax/cheque CLICK HERE


Other options available for twins and triplets,

please contact us for details and prices


stork2babies .storkfortwins

stork with 2 babies £18.75

Within the UK: £18.75 CLICK HERE

stork with 2 cradles & babies £23.95

Within the UK: £23.95 CLICK HERE

*** all prices include postage and packing ***